General Travel Features

Country - Georgia 

Region - Imereti 

Coordinates - 42°01'"N42°37'"E 

Administrative Center – Town of Vani

Tel. code +995 232

Population - 35.824 

Total area - 558 sq. km;

Distance from the center of the region (Kutaisi) - 41 km;

Distance from the nearest railway station (Samtredia) - 24 km;

Distance from the nearest airport (Kopitnari) - 35 km; 

Distance from the nearest seaport (Poti) - 80 km; 

Geographic location, landscape, historical, cultural and natural sites, agriculture, rich folk traditions of hospitality create good conditions for the future tourism development of Vani Municipality. 

There are many historical monuments, which date from the late antique time to the beginning of the 20th century. They make the visitors to get acquainted to the richest and unique Georgian culture and history. Their location in the wonderful Vani landscapes makes unforgettable impression on the visitor. 

The main potential of tourism development in Vani Municipality is towards the following directions: 

Historical - Vani is rich with historical remains and monuments of medieval period. In particular, the fortress of Queen Tamar and fossil fortress with cave (village Bzvani), the fortress of Maisouri (village Kumuri), the castle of  Isriti (village Dikhashkho) and others. It must be especially mentioned that there is the cross in the alpine zone which according to the legend was erected by Andrew the Apostle during his trip in Georgia in the 1st century AD. 

Adventure - Vani is rich with flora and fauna. The significant part of the territory is occupied by forests, which is beautifully combined with mountainous landscapes of the region. The maximum height above sea level is between 2500-2800 meters. There are broad-leaved, coniferous and mixed woods as well as animals characteristic to the Caucasian region: Caucasian bear, wild goat, deer, roe, wolf, jackal and fox. Birds are also widely represented. Environmental cleanness and untouched wild nature makes it interesting for tourists. Such zones are: Mephischala (Valley of the Kings), massive woods of villages Kumuri, Sulori, Ukhuti, Kortkha. In the alpine zone, at 2700 meters above sea level is located natural rarity “The lake of Jaji”, which gives us a great opportunity to develop a new infrastructure on the ground.

Mountain and Horse-riding tourism – region is rich with alpine and sub-alpine meadows, beautiful mountains, significant part of which is covered with snow during the whole year and attracts attention of many tourists; 

Speleotourism – there are many unstudied and unknown caves. For example: in 1985 karst cave was discovered in the village of Bzvani (length – 1.2 km). Its microclimate, stable temperature and beautiful environment make unforgettable impression on visitors. 

Rafting- Navigation on the river Rioni (on the footprints of Argonauts). 

Agro-tourism – the existing potential of agricultural sector gives us opportunity to develop agro-tours around the municipality. There are developed such fields as cattle-breeding, viticulture, fruit-growing, vegetable-growing, bee-keeping and others. Every village has its unique traditions and opportunities for the development of agro-tourism Almost every family has developed family farms, which attracts great interest among foreign tourists. 


Medical and Recreational tourism – there are two balneological resorts in Vani Municipality:

Resort “Sulori”

Resort "Sulori is situated on the northern slopes of Adjara-Akhaltsikhe Highlands, 11 km from Vani, 259 meters above sea level. Thermal mineral waters are of low mineralization (0.3-0.4 g / l), weak sulfurated (temperature - 35 degrees Celsius). It cures peripheral nervous and gynecological diseases as well as diseases related to the moving system.

Resort has its own Polyclinic, 32 individual baths, resting living complex. They are all located in the wonderful nature. 

Resort “Amaghleba”

Resort “Amaghleba”is situated in the Imereti lowland on the left bank of the river Rioni, 8 km from Vani, 80 meters above sea level. Thermal mineral waters contain sodium, chlorine, carbon and flint. It cures chronic arthritis, hypertension diseases, atherosclerosis, radiculitis and others.\

There are following museums in Vani Municipality: 

1. Archaeological Museum (33, Gorgasali Street, Vani); 

2. Museum of Fine Arts (2, King Solomon the 2nd Street, Vani); 

3. House - Museum of Galaktion Tabidze (village Chkvishi); 

4. House - Museum of Titsian Tabidze (village Chkvishi);

5. House – Museum of Cornell Kekelidze (village Tobanieri).

But the most important and world famous tourist site is ancient settlement where many important archaeological discoveries were made (VIII-I centuries AD).