Country - Georgia

Region - Imereti 

Coordinates - 42 ° 01 '"N 42 ° 37'" E 

Administrative Center – Town of Vani 

Tel. Code +995 232 

Vani Municipality is an administrative-territorial unit of Imereti Region. Until 1917 it was the part of Kutaisi Province. From 1917 to 1928 it was included in Kutaisi Mazra, From 1929 to 1930 – in Kutaisi District, From 1930 it exists as an independent district of Georgia.

Population - 35.824 

Administrative Center – Town of Vani is located on the Imereti lowland, on the banks of the river Sulori (left tributary of the river Rioni); Elevation from sea level - 60 m; Climate - humid sub-tropical with warm winter and hot summer. The average annual temperature is 13.9 degrees Celsius, 4.1 ° degrees C in January and 23.4 ° degrees C in July. Annual rainfall is 1380 mm. Vani was declared as a town in 1981 with population of 4.6 thousand (2002). There are industrial enterprises, health care, educational and cultural institutions (theatre, Museum of Local Lore) in the town.

Total area - 558 sq. km; 

Economics - Leading fields are Agriculture (including viticulture, fruit-growing, market-gardening, cattle-breeding, silkworm breeding) and everyday repairs and other services; 

Neighboring Municipalities - Samtredia, Tskaltubo, Baghdati, Chokhatauri, Adigeni. 

Distance from the center of the region (Kutaisi) - 41 km; 

Distance from the nearest railway station (Samtredia) - 24 km; 

Distance from the nearest airport (Kopitnari) - 35 km; 

Distance from the nearest seaport (Poti) - 80 km; 

Location and Natural Resources – Vani Municipality is located on the Imereti lowland and on the northern slopes of Meskheti range. The main rivers which flow on the territory are Rioni, Sulori and Kumuri. Main mineral resources are construction materials: limestone, andesite, basalt, ceramic clay, as well as mineral springs. 

The Main Sights – Ruins of Ancient City, which from October 24, 2007 is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Trial List. It is noteworthy that the old settlements are related to the world-famous myth of the Argonauts. Ancient city was established before the Greek civilization. By the explanation of Academician Otar Lortkipanidze title “Vani” in an old Georgian meant "House", "Station", “Town”, “Housing”.