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Soccer team of Vani “Sulori” advanced in the first League

Posted 07/08/2011

Season 2010-2011 was very successful for “Sulori” Vani which is the result of the fact that local authorities are taking particular care to develop football infrastructure, sports and recreational facilities in Vani Municipality. Vani soccer team has been established and completed by young, talented players, led by the former players of “Sulori”- coach -Gizo Bregvadze, trainer - Bidzina Nikoleishvili, head of the team - Mindia Kordzadze. Football Infrastructure has been significantly improved. In addition, players are imposed on the special prize for each winning match. Most importantly, football fans do not forget and support their favourite team.

The fans contributed a lot in the winning of this match, which was held on the neutral stadium in Lanchkhuti. About 2,000 fans from Vani attended the match. Vani administration has provided free transportation. The only goal of the match was scored in the second half by “Sulori” forward Konstantin Kvimsadze. This goal officially decided that “Sulori” Vani has advanced in the first league of Georgian football championship.

Congratulations to all fans on their favourite team’s victory, and we wish “Sulori” successful competition in the first league of Georgian football championship.