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Vani will have Sister City in the United States

Posted 04/14/2011

This visit is the result of LFP outbound project “Promoting Local Self-Governance of Small Municipalities in Georgia”, proposed by Giorgi Ivaniadze. Legislative Fellows Program is sponsored by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and administered by American Councils for International Education. The lawyer of Vani Educational Resoursecenter Giorgi Ivaniadze is one of the LFP finalists and he visited the United States and worked in the city administration of Prosser, State of Washington, from 3rd October, 2010 to 10th November, 2010. The outbound project made possibility to start sister city relationship between Vani, Georgia and Prosser, WA. The official ceremony of signing Sister City Agreement between Vani and Prosser will be held in May, 2011. For this purpose sister city committee was established in Vani Municipality on a voluntary basic. It consists of the following members:

  1. Zurab Gegidze - The head of Vani Municipal Government;
  2. Davit Kakabadze - The  chairman of Vani Municipal Council;
  3. Alexander Mjavanadze – The deputy head of Vani Municipal Government;
  4. Ivane Kordzadze - The chief of Vani Educational Resoursecenter;
  5. Giorgi Ivaniadze - The lawyer of Vani Educational Resoursecenter;
  6. Mamuka Saghrishvili - The specialist of the Administrative Department;
  7. Zaal Burkadze – The head of the Department of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs;
  8. Hamlet Bregvadze - The Head of the Department of Economics and Infrastructure;
  9. Zaza Giorgadze - The specialist of the Department of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs;