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Soccer team of Vani “Sulori” advanced in the first League


Published: 08/07/2011

On Tuesday, June 7, in Lanchkhuti there was a soccer match between the winners of regional leagues of Western Georgia. “Sulori” Vani defeated “Egrisi” Senaki 1:0 and advanced in the first league of Georgian football championship.

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One more soldier from Vani died in Afghanistan


Published: 30/05/2011

Village Mukedi resident – Lavrosi Ivaniadze died during the patrolling after an explosion on a mine in Afghanistan.

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Vani already has a Sister City in the United States


Published: 28/05/2011

From May 14 to May 27 City Administrator of Prosser, State of Washington, USA – Charlie Bush visited Vani Municipality. This visit was implemented under LFP outbound project “Promoting Local Self-Governance of Small Municipalities in Georgia” proposed by Legislative fellow Giorgi Ivaniadze.

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Prosser Teams Up With Region That Invented Wine. By Whitney Ward

Published: 21/04/2011

PROSSER -- The local wine industry continues to grow, and it's now getting a little international help. Prosser is becoming sister cities with a small cluster of villages halfway around the world. And as it turns out, it's the location where the whole concept of wine got started.

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Vani will have Sister City in the United States

Published: 14/04/2011

In May, 2011, Vani Municiplaity will host the city administrator of Prosser - Charlie Bush.

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The building of road between Zeindari and Shuagora

Published: 14/08/2010

On August 14 Zurab Gegidze, the head of Vani Municipality

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Youth camp in the resort Sulori

Published: 12/08/2010

On August 12 youth camp of young creators named “Future Generation” was opened in the resort Sulori

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Gasification of village Sulori

Published: 10/08/2010

With the efforts and assistance of MP Paata Lezhava one more village will be soon gasified in the municipality.

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Nut factory was opened in the village Amaghleba

Published: 06/08/2010

On August 6 nut processing factory was opened in the village Amaghleba, Vani Municipality

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